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The history of the mountain horse dates back to the early 19th century when the Appalachian families used them for working the fields, transporting families across the mountains, taking them to church, and safely taking their children to the swimming holes. By 1986, they became the perfect trail horse. They make great trail horses and show horses

The Mountain Horse is made up of 3 breeds: Rocky, Kentucky, and Mountain Pleasure. The three essentially possess the same traits: a smooth even four beat gait, temperament that is second to none, and the ability to maintain form and stamina while carrying their rider over long distances and rough terrain.

The true RMH has a solid body color, with very little facial markings, no white above the knee or hock. While the chocolate with flaxen or white mane and tail is the signature color, they come in most colors. They are of medium height (14.2 to 16 hands), with a visible appearance of strength and stamina (wide chest, bold eyes, well defined bone structure).