Keystone Farm


searched long and hard for a name that would indicate what our hobby means to me. It had to embrace our philosophy and mission for our Kennel and Horse Farm. When I found “KEYSTONE”, I immediately knew that was our name. Keystone translates to “something on which associated things depend for support”.


e support the animal (both Giant Schnauzers and Mountain Horses), the public (people in general, and RHMA membership in specific), and the Organization (GSCA-Giant Schnauzer Club of America and RMHA-Rocky Mountain Horse Association). Our slogan (Giant Schnauzers of Eminence and Mountain Horses of Eminence)indicates our dedication and desire to achieve the qualities of superiority and prominence, while continuing to strive for perfection.


e have researched many professional breeders (in both Giant Schnauzers and Mountain Horses)and have learned something from all of them. Not everything was positive.

  • Temperament – one of the greatest assets.
  • Gait – distinguishes them from other breeds. The natural gait enhances their abilities to give that smooth ride.
  • Trainability – refers to their ability to be taught. They are intelligent horses with lots of energy and desire to please. Keys to training are staying consistant, being patient, and using proven training techniques.
  • Selective breeding – improves our chances of keeping these positive traits.

My love of animals was encouraged at a young age by my parents on our grain and livestock farm. I took an interest to the breeding and raising of the young animals. I asked lots of questions and became responsible for their care. I took this involvement to the 4-H competition and won a few ribbons.

As I matured, dogs became my focus since I was no longer on the farm. I started my love for Giant Schnauzers in 1983. When my daughters became interested, I started teaching them trust and learned again that not everyone wants to help you or see you succeed. I then decided I was going to succeed and taught myself how to train, groom, handle and present in the ring. This also led to my interest in nutrition, exercise, breeding techniques, and pedigree research. This led to success in the show ring and the whelping box. To date, Keystone has amassed over 150 titled in the US and other countries. The overall quality has continuously improved and has become predictable in size, temperament, conformation, movement and health. The Keystone brand in Giant Schnauzers is recognizable. Three things impact these results: genetics, nutrition, and environment. The improvement has been exceptional. Keystone has been recognized as one of the top 3 breeders in US -3 times, has been in the top 10 over 10 times, top 5 , over 5 times, and #1(owned or bred) -3 times. Our dogs have won many titles including Best In Show in US and International. Those awards are really great, but the compliments of happy and satisfied customers is what matters most. Our bloodlines are long lived, HD free, and proven temperaments. Customers are from all across the US and Mexico, Poland, Germany, Canada, Korea, Japan, and Russia. Customer referral is strong and some are on their 4th dog from us.

These principles and the knowledge learned through the Giant Schnauzers, has transferred well into the horse world. Our search for the right horses began through study of bloodlines on what we liked and what met the characteristics of the Rocky Mountain Horse. Our love and devotion for the Rocky Mountain Horse is our purpose for developing them. That is why we do as much as we can with ours. We have shown at the RMHA International and UMH World shows, compete in trail obstacles (ACTHA- CTC) and in the arena (ACTHA-AOC), benefit rides for charities (pink ride), breed demonstrations (Illinois Horse Fair and Midwest Horse Fair), and general trail rides or neighborhood rides for the pleasure of riding. They can do it all and more.

Our goals

  • Breed top quality, healthy Mountain horses with all their great characteristics
  • Educate the public on the Rocky Mountain Horse’s great characteristics/traits
  • Demonstrate their intelligence and willingness to please (through ACTHA-AOC/CTC events)
  • Promote RMHA breed (fairs, demonstrations, parades, etc. ) and the organization (served on ISC for 2014)(current Board Member 2014)(serve membership needs-identify and develop programs, educational needs, improved marketing and communications)
  • Market with honesty and integrity (while helping people find their special horse)
  • Support the breed with research on heredity and health issues
  • Ride and enjoy our horses with family and friends